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AI 101 Series

101 Speakers & Show case 
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101 speakers to share leading edge AI driven solutions across different industries.

Cross industry applications, cross border communications, cross cultural insights and cross generation Engagement.

Please JOIN US for innovation inspirations, business networking, stay up to date of latest AI technologies, brand management & enhance social influences. Stay in tuned and learn more about upcoming events.

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AI Innovation


AI Innovation
Supply Chain


AI Innovation
Smart City

AI for Healthcare

AI driven for healthcare sector including but not limited to chronic diseases, ageing society, mental health, preventive healthcare, wearable technology, medical imaging and so on.

AI for Supply Chain

AI driven solutions for supply chain, transportation and logistics: enhance visibility, demand planning and optimisation, inventory optimisation, predictive analytics, procurement analytics, last mile delivery, tracking system, real time decision and customer experiences enhancement.

AI for Smart City

AI driven solutions in Smart City with user cases and applications in smart building, public services, infrastructure, transportation and so on to enhance the livability, workability and sustainability.


AI Innovation


AI Innovation


AI Innovation
Safety & Security

AI for Sustainability

AI driven solutions to unlock opportunities for sustainability progress such as clean tech, waste management, decarbonisation, cleaner air, healthy oceans, climate change,  environmental, social and governance.

AI for Aerospace

AI driven solutions for the aviation and aerospace industry. Best practices for AI implementation to enhance security,  materials and damage detection, product design, fuel efficiency, operational efficiency and maintenance, air traffic management, pilot training, passenger identification and customer service.

Safety & Security

AI driven solutions for detecting and deterring security intrusions, internal compliance, financial trading, border clearance operations, public security, real time supervision, potential threats identifications, facilities protection, robots and drones for monitoring potential unsafe areas.


AI Innovation 
Advance Manufacturing


AI Innovation


AI Innovation

AI for Advance Manufacturing

AI applications in manufacturing for design, production and process or workflow. Such as  predictive maintenance, visibility of manufacturing operations, safer operational environment, digital twins, cost optimisation, efficiency enhancement, quality assurance, and industry 4.0.

AI for Finance

AI applications and show cases in banking and financial institutions such as chat box, banking, fraud detection, financial advisory services, risk management, sales forecasting, trading, market predictions, loan decisions and customer experiences.

AI for Edutech

AI applications in education such as virtual facilitator, smart content, personalised learning, chat box, customised courses and materials, adaptive learning, smart grading, smart assistant and so on.


AI Innovation
Oil and Gas


AI Innovation


AI Innovation

AI for Oil & Gas

AI applications for surface analysis, geological assessment, precision drilling well or equipment downtime, well completion & intervention, pipelines, production and scheduling optimisation, defect detection, emission tracking, back office process optimisation,

AI for E-Commerce

AI driven solutions for customer centric search, predictive demand analysis, potential customer segmentation, efficient sales process, personalised experiences, recommendations, cyber security, intelligent pricing, and customer relationship management.

AI for Agriculture

AI applications in agriculture such as analysing images, in-field monitoring, assessing and preparation of soil, robots, yield prediction, intelligent spraying, plant disease control and livestock management.

AI 101 Series: Features
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