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AI Applications & Deployment Ecosystem

PASSIONATE about Artificial Intelligence

CURIOUS for innovations , new technologies & applications that driven and changed the world in real time. 

EAGER to support and facilitate new ideas with raising industry challenges, and sharing best practices. 

We are dedicated to building an AI ecosystem focusing on AI applications & deployments.

From world leading companies, SMEs, scale ups and startups to academic researching centres, AI labs, NPO organisations, government agencies, investors and policy makers, we are a symphony orchestra of AI with all stakeholders in ONE place to embrace you to the local ecosystem, facilitate your innovations, develop your business and fulfil the gap of your business challenges, locally and internationally in Asia and Europe!

We are ALL IN ONE AI ecosystem builder focusing on real world deployment & applications to solve your real time problems.

We are here to bring AI for future!


Insights & News

Stay up to date leading edge AI technology, insights and news.

Stay tuned and bring future to you!

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The Fintech Nation

  Latest published, this book was developed through 57 one-on-one interviews with founders and enablers, bringing together the stories and journeys of founders and enablers of the fintech ecosystem including access to capital, customers, talent, and policy initiatives which have made them and Singapore successful. These narratives are set against the context of key regulatory policy decisions and background of how some of the foundation blocks of Fintech Nation were set up and evolved over time. It aims to inspire the next generation to build their ventures and bring technology to the masses, improving the lives of billions. It contains a special chapter from Chief Fintech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Sopnendu Mohanty covering the subject from the lenses of a regulator.

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Singapore AI Strategy

The National AI Strategy is a key step in our Smart Nation journey. It spells out our plans to deepen our use of AI technologies to transform our economy, going beyond just adopting technology, to fundamentally rethinking business models and making deep changes to reap productivity gains and create new areas of growth.

To read more, please click here 

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Partnering for Success


We partner with different stakeholders, from Asia to Europe, including but not limited to industry leaders, government agencies, universities and R&D labs, investors, consultants and NPOs to bring everyone on board to create a better future.